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woven wool multicolor

Characteristics: wool is obtained from animals living in cold areas like: antelopes, goats, sheeps, rabbits, camels, yak. Wool is fire-resistant, waterproof and naturally inhibits mildew. It is a sustainable fibre also because its production doesn’t make use of power resources

PROs: althought being an excellent insulating material, wool is breathable. It keeps the body temperature constant and the skin dry, even in summer when it is more common to sweat. It keeps the body temperature low when it is hot and warm when it is cold.

Further information: Tibetan antilopes are now one of the many endangered species and for this reason it is forbidden to trade the “Shahtoosh” (word meaning “king of fine wools”) wowen with the down hairs of the animal. Main Shatoosh are so fine that an average size shawl can be passed through a ring.