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Characteristics: Viscose is an artificial fabric derived from wood pulp, cotton or straw. It is a technofiber, or chemical fiber, but it recalls the softness of natural fibers. Being a glossy fabric, Viscose is an excellent alternative silk.

PROs:The high-quality viscose is particularly soft, absorbent and anti-static. It has a very competitive price and is also called “artificial silk”. Viscose is perfect for autumn and spring, being less heavy than wool but warmer than cotton. It is a rather resistant fabric, but care should be taken when washing.

Further information: Some might think that viscose is a synthetic material, which is incorrect. It is rather an artificial material, derived from natural fibers. Viscose was invented in 1883 by French chemist Hilaire de Chardonnet Bernigaud, who introduced it in Paris in 1891, during the same universal exposition that hosted the Eiffel Tower.