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Our Mission

Bringing together two different cultures


Mario Sanjiv D’Emilio has soon understood that having a deep knowledge of two different cultures, was a valuable asset, a little treasure to nurture and hone. It is with this spirit that Mario Sanjiv decided to engage in this complex project: bringing together the italian taste in fashion and old indian workmanship.

MSD Style specialise in the sales and marketing of hand-crafted fabrics, clothing and fashion accessories. We are not importer of ready-made products. We want more than that. What we aim for is being able to supply our clients with unique products, following the client personal taste and what they want to express through those items. This is achieved thanks to the richness that only handmade products have. Imperfections will attest the uniqueness of the product.

That’s what MSD Style want to achieve: allow for maximum customisation, working with the best craftsmen, who master old local, traditional techniques.

MSD Style is your partner of election if you’re looking at realising exclusive, high-end products, using A-level fabrics. We won’t just become your supplier, we’ll be working at your side to reach a common target. That’s how we work with fashion designers, fashion consultants and companies.