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Modal Fabric

Characteristics: Modal is a fiber made from wood pulp. It comes from cellulose and is very similar to viscose. This fiber is often added to cotton, linen, cashmere or wool to make softer and smoother fabrics. Modal can be also crafted as a microfiber. Micromodal is used for the creation of fresh and light fabrics. Its fineness make it similar to precious fibers.

PROs: The fabrics made of modal don’t wear out. Compared to cotton, they shrink and fade more rarely. They are smooth, soft and, if washed in hard water, do not retain minerals or limestone. Modal can be ironed after washing, as you will do with pure cotton. If mixed with fine materials such as cashmere and silk, it enhances their properties keeping the price low.

Further information:Contrary to what you might think, Modal has a natural origin. It is made of cellulose, derived from beech wood!