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cotton branches

Properties: cotton as a fabric is obtainable by the processing of cotton yarns obtained from the pelature covering the seeds of a plant of the "Gossypium" species. It is an "ecological" (because it is cultivable) fiber, which absorbs much water, which does not give any allergies and which is soft to the touch.

Advantages: cotton is breathable, (non-deformable) breathable with excellent color absorption and very versatile.

Curiosity: In India, 75 varieties of cotton are grown for an annual output of about 9.5 million tonnes. In some areas of India, however, cotton is still working as Mahatma Gandhi did when it pushed its people to value their own domestic production, spinning "khadi", boycotting the import of British fabrics. A tradition that has been passed through the centuries and thanks to this precious craftsmanship makes cotton made in India one of the most expensive and precious in the world.