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The Lightness of Silk, the Warmth of Wool

 The word “silk” suggests something delicate, smooth and pleasant to touch. It reminds of precious things, and it has been used for centuries to style kings and emperors clothes. Apparently, silk culture has begun in 3000 bC thanks to Xi Ling Shi, the wife of Emperor Huang Di. Silk production is a long and complex process. For several centuries, Chinese emperors kept those skills within their borders, and the Silk Road has been one of the richest and busiest shopping ways of the world. Despite this, silk farmers have been able to relocate, bringing the silk wonder with them to Japan, Korea and India. On the other end, wool is rather perceived as a common fiber. Despite this, there are many different and fine kinds of wool: Merino, Mohair, Cashmere, Camel and many more. Each of them has different characteristics and is suited to different uses. In his last trip to India, Sanjiv has worked with his suppliers to create products that join the top class silk to wool. Every fiber processed with silk becomes soft and shiny. This makes it possible to produce a soft and smooth fabric at a very interesting price. Sanjiv was also impressed by the beauty of the nuances that silk gives to wool. As you can imagine, wearing wool and silk can be very pleasant. The quality of both materials are preserved and the fabric feels like soft wool or warm silk. Moreover, the shades of the fabric vary endlessly, changing with the light. Silk can also be combined with other fibers, such as cotton, linen or cashmere. The choice of the mix...

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