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Hand screen printing an ancient handicraft technique for the printing of modern and elegant fabrics

screen print

We all got in touch with an artifact worked with screen printing at least once in a lifetime, this technique can be applied to the most varied fabrics and can be used at industrial or artisan level. Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe pictures was also made using the screenprinting technique!

There are those who think that this technique was invented by the Phoenicians, and who on the other hand, believes the Japanese are the real inventors. Anyone who was the first to conceive it, we are talking about a technique used for millennia.

The beauty of manual screen printing is given by the ability to print quite large sizes, with a certain definition (such as block printing) and bright colors. You can also overlay layers of different colors. This technique makes it even more convenient to make tests of the same print with different color combinations in order to evaluate which one likes more and perhaps find new inspirations.

hand screen print

The Manual Screen Printing technique can be applied to any type of fabric, from linen to wool, cashmere to silk.

It may seem like a simple technique to master, but you really need to be very competent in the matter to prevent the result from being deformed, as the colors overlap in a different way than the desired one, that there are no smudges. It should also be taken into account that between the application of a color layer and the other we need to dry the fabric we are working on, this means that the working is rather long.

To make a print with the screen printing technique we will have to make a negative image of the image we want to print, so once we lay the fabric inside a special frame, we will reproduce this negative on the fabric using waterproofing products. When we do this, we will lay a layer of pigment. These steps must be repeated many times as many colors as we want to apply.

On our last trip to India, we stayed in Delhi and Jaipur and there we worked with our place vendors on new color combinations and new fantasies.

The research work carried out by us is designed to stimulate the imagination of designers with whom we come into contact so that we can always offer new solutions.

If then there is new testing and new samples, MSD Style is always ready and happy to get to work. Moreover in the fashion industry are the details to make the difference and we can not content ourselves.

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